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St. Kitts and Nevis is such a bucket list destination. For many, it sounds like a distant dream, but Nevis Sun Tours Inc. helps many to check it off their list. 

We are a Destination Management Company (DMC) and Tour Operator serving travel professionals and travelers. In collaboration with us, travel professionals now have one-stop to finally book true all-inclusive vacations to St. Kitts and Nevis. Travelers can also access and directly book tours, activities, and all other elements necessary for a rewarding Caribbean vacation. 

What is so Special?

In addition to offering the lone way to have true all-inclusive vacations with full island experiences, we share and celebrate a love for food, and a belief in authenticity. As such, our tours are unique, exclusive to us and include local food and cultural experiences. 

The Caribbean is made up of many islands, so why experience just one while on vacation? Travelers booked with us have the rare opportunity to experience two Caribbean islands on one vacation with our day trips to either Nevis or St. Kitts.

Turnkey Solutions 

Are you a travel advisor seeking a new all-inclusive destination? Or, are you a traveler who finds it difficult and time consuming to connect all the dots to create a complete St. Kitts and Nevis vacation?

All-inclusive vacation packages from Nevis Sun Tours are the perfect solution.

These packages cover experiences on both islands.  Meals and activities are not only at the hotel, but at various points on any island - a truly unique way of delivering an all-inclusive product.


“Not all those who Wander are Lost” J.R.R. TOLKIEN


Build a Package

Choose a Package

Each day of your vacation can be whatever you want it to be.  Build your own package!

Our one-stop booking process offers choices of transfers, tours, transportation, restaurants and hotel bookings. Your five-day or seven-day package will be a full itinerary that you construct to your desire. 

Our Build a Package option is available for small groups, couples, families  or a solo traveler. Complete the Build a Package form by making your choices and submit it.  We will swiftly reply with pricing and additional details to complete and confirm the bookings. 

No need to wonder what you can do on each day of your vacation!  


Neither do you have to worry about making any transfers, tours, transportation, restaurants or hotel bookings. Everything is already taken care of. Both our five-day and seven-day packages were customized with you in mind.


Our packages are ready-made for any traveler - couples, families, small groups or solo. Simply let us know which package you are interested in and we will swiftly reply with pricing and additional details to complete and confirm the bookings. 


Our 5-day package is designed specifically for travelers who plan to be our guests for five days.  Our guests are covered from the moment they exit the airport on arrival, to the time they depart. We are glad to offer this package with choices, to deliver exactly what will satisfy each individual traveler, couple, family or group.


Our 7-day package is specifically designed for travelers who want to be our guests for seven days. This package ensures that guests are well taken care of from the moment they exit the airport on arrival, to the time of departure on the seventh day. We are glad to offer this package with choices to deliver full experiences and conveniences to satisfy the needs of each individual traveler, couple, family or group.