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Paradise Beach Nevis

Escape to the idyllic Paradise Beach Nevis, an opulent five-star villa resort on the pristine shores of Nevis. Beyond its lavish amenities, this retreat offers an exclusive haven of privacy, inviting discerning guests to experience unparalleled tranquility. Tailored for romantics, families or intimate groups, it seamlessly blends luxury with a sense of togetherness. As passionate advocates for group experiences, Nevis Sun Tours ensures your collective journey is extraordinary. Booking a package at Paradise Beach Nevis crafts an exquisite narrative of shared moments, where opulence transcends the resort's boundaries, promising an unforgettable escape into the lap of luxury.

Why our Clients love
Paradise Beach Nevis

Unmatched Luxury
and Service

 Unmatched Service

  • Experience legendary Caribbean luxury travel. We cater to all, from solo travelers to groups, with unwavering dedication to excellence

Luxury Redefined

  • The resort's 13 private villas and beach houses are renowned for their seclusion and breathtaking location, setting the stage for an unforgettable vacation or wedding. Solitude or celebration, this resort sets the stage for a luxurious stay

Villa Comfort
and Relaxation

Modern Comfort

Elegant villas feature private pools and fully-equipped kitchens, ensuring comfort and convenience

Pool Bliss

Relax by your private pool in a secluded oasis, the perfect spot for rejuvenation

Culinary Experiences
and Beachfront Paradise

Culinary Delights

  • Indulge in private dining with local Nevisian chefs, elevating your culinary journey

Beachfront Paradise

  • Step onto Paradise Beach from your villa, with an exclusive private beach bar just steps away

Adventure and
Spa Retreats

Adventure Awaits

  • Explore land-based excursions and thrilling watersports, keeping your days filled with excitement


Spa Serenity

  • Surrender to the rejuvenating power of luxurious spa treatments, available seven days a week, all within the tranquil confines of your villa

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