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Sunset Reef St. Kitts

Discover the intimate charm of Sunset Reef on St. Kitts, an ideal escape for guests seeking a boutique hotel experience. Its small size and versatile design make it a perfect fit for Nevis Sun Tours Vacation Packages. Whether for couples, families, or a complete hotel buyout, Sunset Reef offers limitless possibilities. The exquisite layout allows for creative customization, ensuring your stay aligns seamlessly with your vision. Embrace the unique ambiance of this boutique gem, and let us

curate the perfect vacation package for your St. Kitts retreat at Sunset Reef—a haven where

small size transforms into boundless potential for an unforgettable experience.

Why our Clients love
Sunset Reef St. Kitts

Unmatched Luxury
and Service

 Elegant Accommodations

  • Tasteful decor, electronically adjustable beds with the finest linens, and extraordinary views.

  • Unobstructed views of turquoise waters and glowing sunsets.

  • Countless amenities for an enjoyable stay.

Personalized Attention

  • Seven luxurious suites and 11 guest rooms for an intimate setting.

  • Talented professional for in-room massages and massage platform overlooking the sea.

  • Arrival convenience with private jet, onboard check at customs, and private transportation

Comfortable Rooms
and Relaxation

Luxurious Living

  • Meticulously furnished guest suites with adjustable beds, fully equipped kitchens, spa-inspired bathrooms, and spacious patios.

  • Elegant suites and rooms with a sense of being suspended in a tropical dream.

Poolside Relaxation

  • Availability of loungers by the pool and free tables at the resort's restaurant

  • Quarters designed to feel like a personal vacation estate.



Dining Delights

  • World-class dining at various on-property locations

  • Accommodation of dietary needs with advance notice.

Private Dining 

  • Special dining experiences, including private sunset dinners, beach BBQs, and picnics

  • Gourmet meals prepared to guests' preferences by private chefs


Adventurous Escapes

  • choose to escape with a day at sea, sailing on a yacht, explore the beaten trails on ATV tours.

  • Or familiarize yourself with cultural experiences through visits to historical sites and indulge in immersive local tours

  • Facilitates speedboat transfers to Nevis, making exploration and island-hopping easily accessible

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